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Removing Hair Extensions!!?

OK i searched yahoo for an answer i tried baby oil, tried conditioner, tried 2 bond removers from Sallys but NOTHING works i really want to take them out i have no idea what kind of bond the hair stylist used it was a gold stick i think it was US style something on the bag any suggestions!! i dunt wanna pay $200 it was a bad idea in the first to get these damn things beware every girl dont get dem!!Removing Hair Extensions!!?
ok first off, don’t panic! If you panic, you may begin ripping out the extensions and taking your natural hair with it…believe me ive seen it! I am a stylist, and extensions are wonderful, you just have to know how to take care of them. Here is the trick…and I guarantee it works for all hair extension glue…..get acetone at a beauty supply store (it CANNOT be plain nail polish remover, it MUST be 100% PURE ACETONE) put it in a non-plastic bowl…try a ceramic bowl. (it can damage plastic). Take your fingers and dip them in the acetone and gently roll the bond with your fingers…the bond should quickly start dissolving and falling apart. I know it sounds really gross, but hey we were all kids once…roll the bond as if you were rolling a booger or something between your fingers  haha everyone laughs when I say that but they know exactly what I am talking about! Anyways, make sure you put enough acetone on your fingers and roll the bonds. It may take you about an hour or two, but it will all come out. I promise. Just please have patience or ask a friend for help so you don’t rip out your hair! Ps: the acetone will not damage your hair at all, I have bleach blonde platinum hair and it has never damaged my hair or dried it out in all the years I have had extensions. Good luck and please be gentle!Removing Hair Extensions!!?
i just took out my nieces extensions with plain VEGETABLE OIL worked like a charm... no pain what so ever.... just drench the the part where they applied the glue with the oil and ';viola';.....easy as 1 2 3

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why would you want to pay all kinds of money for hair extensions just to take them out? I would LOVE to have long hair but can't afford them. If they look bad, go back to the stylist who put them in and insist they fix them until you're satisfied. Or they could remove them for you whatever you prefer.
try going to a hair salon sorry I dont really know
hmmm I dont really know what to say except you need to go to the hair stylist. You might mess up your hair if you dont.
well in order to do that you have to let the conditioner sit for about 30 minutes on damp hair..... not WET HAIR!!! the key to letting this work is patience. sooo go to a near by hair store and get a bottle of moisture plus conditioner from MOTIONS and let it sit for a while. ok hope i helped!

always with love-mrz.lavette SMOOCHES!!!!!! MUAH!!!!
Vaseline may work, but for the safety for your hair you probably want to call the stylist who did it to see what she recommends. I've had one glued in weave in my life and when my stylist removed it herself it came out easily and thankfully w/ no pain. If you ever change your mind and get extensions again try a sewn-in with a net. Its healthier for your hair and scalp than the chemical glue bonding.

How do I remove hair extension glue without buying another hair product?

First off, I made the mistake of pulling out my extensions in the shower. They were driving me insane because they kept sliding and lifting. It was painful and I lost a lot of hair. Lesson learned.


I've tried warm water washing, heavy shampoo and conditioner to get the remaining glue off of my scalp. I brush through it and the little bits of glue are in my brush, ALONG with lots more of my hair. And while I'm sitting around, I'll feel through my hair and try to gently pull pieces of glue out, but then some of it feels gooey and sticky. Why is it doing that? Conditioner?

Well, I need a more efficient way to get this ******* glue out of my hair before I go insane.How do I remove hair extension glue without buying another hair product?
stop pulling it out go with a stylist cause you'll end up with bald spots like my sisterHow do I remove hair extension glue without buying another hair product?
well i have done it before and i used olive oil in my hair to help loosen it and help dissolve the glue and conditioned my hair after words and is easy to wash off the hair
when i had then glue in extensions a few weeks ago to get them out i got my hair dyer and melted then and pulled them straight out with the little bits of glue left i sectioned my hair in to pieces got a teasing brush (like the ones with not many spacing inbetween) and i brushed it out

i didnt lose any hair in this process but i have herd when taking them out you can lose hair not in the result of u pulling it out just tht when u have the hair extenstions the hair tht would usually faall out is kinda like trapped tht is why
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  • How can i remove hair extension glue soon?

    i had hair extensions for about a month i took them out two days ago and my hair is a mess.... i have excess glue on the back of my head and my hair is falling!.. I'm scared of being bald PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!How can i remove hair extension glue soon?
    smother your hair in conditioner, i mean smother, and comb it out, it should just slip through your hair without ripping it outHow can i remove hair extension glue soon?
    You need to go to a professional. But try this on a small area: Mix 3/4 acetone nailpolish remover with 1/4 regular alcohol (not liquor) and spritz it on the glue. Wait a couple of seconds and try to comb through it. Make sure that your hold on to your hair at the base so that you do not put additional stress on your hair. If it doesn;t soften the glue, you will have to go to a salon that specializes in hair extension removal.
    Definitely go to the beauty supply store and ask an associate what to get! Oil and heat must be used to dissolve the bonding agent and it is quite messy and time consuming. If not removed with care though the latex can pull your own hair out. Apply the adhesive remover and gently massage the adhesive to loosen and remove. If you have the money I would highly recommend going to your stylist and getting them to remove for you! Good Luck
    A good way is to use a good product of hair bond removal, and use warm water to wash your hair thouroughly unless it says otherwise on the bottle,

    I remember one i had that done for my fringe and tried to remove the extension without proper bond remover. Result? Ouch...Lol ...

    so my aunt had to help we with vaseline and she was using the vaseline to rub at the very root where it was bonded, in a few minutes, it was off.

    However I suggest you use the first option because i only had 1 short line of extension in my fringe and it may take longer for more lines...

    or you can visit this site:鈥?/a>

    I know I totally went off track, but it sure is funny to share my experience!
    the beauty supply store should have a glue remover shampoo. all you do is apply it to the spots where the glue is present, let it sit, then wash it out. If that doesnt work oil sheen!!!!!! spray your hair down w/oil sheen and it should come out. dont pull it out of your hair! It will come out.
    please use glue remover to remove it .Don't worry about the glue ,it is harmless .

    or use the hair iron to heat it ,when heated ,please remove it with extension pliers carefullly .
    Sally Beauty carries glue removing shampoo for hair extension glue.鈥?/a>

    I used baby oil to remove hair what?

    i had 6 tracks of hair in my hair and i used a TON of babyoil to loosen them up..and they came right now

    NOOOOW my hair is so freaking greasy and i used dish soap and it didn't what?? how can I get this freaking baby oil out of my hair! i have work tomorrowI used baby oil to remove hair what?
    Baby POWDER!

    Seriously, it'll help. Leave it in for maybe... 30 min. And then shampoo. :)I used baby oil to remove hair what?
    I would use rub some shampoo on it while it's dry and leave it sit for a half hour or so.

    Removing hair extensions?

    Don't let anyone use acetone(nail varnish remover) to break down the bonds - it isn't good for your hair. Rub vaseline in and leave for half an hour (or overnight) Perfect!!Removing hair extensions?
    this is the first time i've seen anyone post a question and answer it aswell!!!!

    what's that all about??Removing hair extensions?
    Does vaseline really work? I have bonded extension for about 3 1/2 months now and I want them out! emai me if you have had this experience and what you did ......thanks

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    Thought you wasn't allowed to answer own questions?

    watch this one with interest.
    This sounded like an advert. You should put ordinary vaseline in tubs and put a different label (Your name or whatever), and sell it for a fiver a tub. I don't doubt that people will buy it and no one will suss that it is really vaseline.
    thank you my daughters buys her own hair xtentions and glues them in herself, but struggles each time to get them out each hairwash

    i will pass on your tips
    I just picked mine out after soaking my hair in as hot water as i could stand still took hours though.

    How to remove hair extensions?

    i got these extensions from sally's and i want to take them off..i use the super bond glue

    is there anything at home i can use to take them off..would baby oil work...i don't know i heard that from a friend..but i don't believe her...

    please and thank youHow to remove hair extensions?
    When your washing your hair you can use ALOT of conditionar and leave it in for about 10-20 minutes

    Hope this Helped!How to remove hair extensions?
    Isn't there like..glue remover? I used glue-in extensions once but I just let them fall out on their own. xD

    How do I remove hair extension glue bonds using acetone and does it work?

    use bond removerHow do I remove hair extension glue bonds using acetone and does it work?
    Go to Sally Beauty Supply and buy the hair extension bond removing shampoo. Here's a link from their website:鈥?/a>How do I remove hair extension glue bonds using acetone and does it work?
    You know what really works is adding a blow dryer to glue, it melts right of and you can just pull it out.
    I dont think u should try this at home. Go back to the hair stylist who put your extentions on